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The Never Forgotten Honor Flight is a Not For Profit Organization of dedicated Volunteers providing Veterans with closure, gratitude & respect, by flying them to Washington D.C. to visit their memorials.  Priority is given to senior veterans – World War II era, followed by Korea era & lastly Vietnam era. Each era will fly on a first come first served by the date of their application.  This trip is absolutely free for the veterans!

We launch four flights each year in April, May, Sept & Oct (when weather is the nicest) to Washington D.C.. We are currently flying WWII, Korean & Vietnam eras’ veterans.

Wisconsin Honor Flight Hubs flew more veterans than any other state in 2018!!

We are an affiliate of the Honor Flight Network, a group which began operations in 2005.



“I’m so glad I went.  It healed some open wounds.  they treated us with respect and honored us.”

” It was a wonderful experience! I believe it brought peace to my dad and finally gave him the opportunity to open up and share experiences and feelings.”

“The honor flight is hands down the most magical experience we have ever been a part of and I cannot thank all the people who make it possible enough.”

“This has been the best day of my life”

“After this welcome home I felt like I won the war all by myself”

“If I live to be 100, I will never forget the welcome home”

“Seeing the memorials was nice, but the people are what made the trip”

“It was way beyond my expectations, I will remember and cherish this day and the experience for a long time”

“Can’t thank you enough, it will go down as one of the most memorable days of my life”

“These little kids seem so sincere. One little kid held my hand and he wouldn’t let it go”

“This (trip) is wonderful, something I never dreamed would happen. The trip was beautiful. It’s something that I’ll never forget. It’s all about us (veterans). It’s like we’re all heroes.”

“When I got off the bus this morning I was just another old man, after today I feel like a hero”

“You know what you gave me back? You gave me my pride, my pride to be an American Veteran, something I had lost for many years”

“It was like you were king for a day”

“You’re proud, you’re happy and you feel blessed that you were able to go on the Honor Flight”

“ I’ve always felt quilt about getting out of there and some of my friends didn’t”

“It was my duty (to go on the Honor Flight) for the people that didn’t make it home”

“This is my welcome home that I never got”

“There is a sense of brotherhood throughout the flight. Even though you didn’t know anybody, you felt a bond.”

“Throughout the day, I could not help but reflect on my time in the Army and those I served with. Sadly many of them did not make it home. They to, are “Never Forgotten”. I still carry them in my thoughts and in my heart each day.”

“If you do this trip there really isn’t any reason to have a bucket list cuz nothing can come close to this ! ”

Proud member of the Honor Flight Network

Did you know that all cards & letters sent to the NFHF are posted on our web site under “past flights” (under the last flight flown nearest the date of the correspondence). The following letter is from 12 year old,Sydney Crawford of Aniwa, who enclosed a donation from the award he received for winning the local VFW’s Patriot Pen Contest. Letters like these will touch your heart.