For Veterans: All veterans must fill out an application to be selected for a flight. This involves divulging certain personal and medical information, so we can make every effort to accommodate any special needs the veteran may have in order to make their flight a memorable experience.

A VETERAN DOES NOT HAVE TO PROVIDE THEIR OWN GUARDIAN WHEN APPLYING…WE HAVE OVER 700 GUARDIAN APPLICATIONS ON FILE!! It is a National Honor Flight policy that ALL veterans are assigned a guardian, regardless of their health.  The ratio of veterans to a guardian depends upon the veterans’ needs on each flight.

Husbands, wives or “significant others” of veterans cannot be their guardian or fly on their flight as someone else’s guardian.

If you served Honorably on ACTIVE DUTY, in the RESERVES, NATIONAL GUARD OR INACTIVE CLASS 3 RESERVES (IRR) ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET, in any branch of Service, BEFORE May 7, 1975, you are eligible.

Remember, our Veterans fly free as a way to say ‘Thank You’ for their service and sacrifice.  In addition, terminally ill veterans jump to the top of our waitlist; please contact us for details. 

Note, we will not accept applications that are a surprise to the veteran. If you are assisting with an application, the veteran needs to be fully aware you are applying on his or her behalf. 

Currently, we have a very long waitlist for Guardians. If a family member or friend plans to be your Guardian, make sure he or she applies close to the same time you do. We will make every effort to pair you up with them, but we cannot guarantee they will be chosen due to our long waitlist.

Use these on-line applications to key in your information and then send the application to us electronically (do not print the on-line application & mail it!)




Once contacted (by postcard) that your application is on file with us you never have to fill out the same application again.

The applications listed below must be printed first then mailed to:

225780 Rib Mountain Drive #234 Wausau, Wisconsin 54401 (as of October 2019)

For Guardians: Applicants between the ages of 18-69 can apply to be a guardian.  Husbands, wives or “significant others” of veterans cannot be their guardians. If chosen, you will be required to pay the cost of the trip, which is $500 and attend a mandatory guardian training session. If you would like to apply to be a guardian, you may do so by downloading and filling out a form (below) OR fill out an on-line application above.  GUARDIANS DO NOT HAVE TO BE A VETERAN!  A normal ratio is 2 veterans to 1 guardian (see FAQ page)

If you are requesting to fly with a specific veteran, your application MUST be received PRIOR to the veteran being called to go on a specific flight, for your application to be considered.

For Media: If you are a member of the media & would like to go on a future flight; the Media application is available below.

For *Doctors:  If you are a (MD/DO/NP/PA/Paramedic) & would like to apply as an Honor Flight “Medic”; the Doctor application is available below.

For Volunteers: If you would like to volunteer for other duties, you may do so by downloading and filling out a form which is available below. Please print the application and mail to 225780 Rib Mountain Drive #234, Wausau, WI, 54401.

Changing of the Guard-Tomb of the Unknowns
(Thanks to Barb Morgan, Mission #11)

Click for a printable Veteran Application

Click for a printable Guardian Application (fly with veterans)


Click for a printable Volunteer (Ground operations) Application NEW AND IMPROVED!

Click for a printable Media Application

Click for a printable Doctor Application


Before filling out any application make sure you have chosen the correct Honor Flight Hub. NFHF’s Hub is colored Green in Central and Northern Wisconsin. 

Please Click HERE to get contact information on the other Wisconsin Honor Flight Hubs.

Beginning May 2025 and beyond, please be aware that Transportation Security Administration will require all air travelers to have an ID that meets “real ID” requirements in order to pass through security and board any commercial aircraft, including Honor Flights. A “Real ID” is a valid Wisconsin Driver’s License with a STAR in the upper right-hand corner; or if you have a current USA passport or Military Retiree ID, they also qualify as a “Real ID”. It currently could take up to 90 days to receive a new “Real ID” driver’s license.
Please note: VA medical cards DO NOT meet “Real ID” TSA requirements. For complete information on Real ID Requirements please go to the following web page.


We reserve the right to reject any applicant who does not meet application requirements, lives outside NFHF’s area of responsibility or at the discretion of the NFHF Board of Directors.