Flight #42 – October 3, 2022

106 Veterans (1 Korea & 105 Vietnam Eras)

VETERAN ROSTER at the Bottom 

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3,978 TOTAL VETERANS FLOWN ON FLIGHTS I-42, 2010-2022; (1,045 WWII; 1,239 KOREA; & 1,694 VIETNAM)


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Congressman Jack Bergman, Lt-Gen USMC Retired, preflight dinner’s keynote speaker

“Thank You for My Freedom”!



Violinists’ music welcomes us at Dulles Airport



Like many of our veterans, he also found his buddy’s name on The Wall



All the Marines on Flight #42 offer a “salute” at their Memorial


911, a somber Memorial reminding us of the 1st attack on USA soil since Pearl Harbor




Family, Friends & members of the public welcoming our Honored Veterans home at CWA


Patriots for Warriors bikers have been escorting the veteran’s buses back to the hotel for many years, a Veteran Favorite!




Thank You Cards, Letters & Emails


David Bautsch


Donald Daris

Honoring Korea War Era Veteran Roger Geurink Mission #8 May 7, 2012-2

John & Melanie

Wally Obermann

Kathy Mero

Honoring Korea War Era Veteran Roger Geurink Mission #8 May 7, 2012

Ron and Mary Suess

Honoring the Brost Brothers of Medford

Wausau Coated Products Inc Fund, Margaret Hemauer

Snowmobile Invitational Tournament

Grand Lodge of Wisconsin Independent Order of Odd Fellows

Center Stage Band and Show Choir

Sons of the American Legion, Iron River

Ronald King

Stoli Nikolai, Colonel USAF Retired

Honoring WWII Veteran Edwin Stankowski Mission #7 April 23, 2012

Barb Lucht Loyal Car Show

Ken Harter

Terrance and Dana Rudolph

BSA Troop 551 Park Falls

Honoring Veteran Terry Lach

Honoring Korea Veteran Kenneth O’Malley Mission #13 September 9, 2013

Honoring Korea Veteran Thomas D Tellier Mission #23 April 18, 2016

Honoring Korea Veteran Keith H Hackbarth Mission #26 October 10, 2016

Honoring Korea Veteran Roger A Geurink Mission #8 May 7, 2012-3

All American Kids Club, Eagle River

Jared and Donna Reichert