Flight #40 – June 6, 2022

106 Veterans (7 Korea & 99 Vietnam Eras)

VETERAN ROSTER at the Bottom 

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3,777 TOTAL VETERANS FLOWN ON FLIGHTS I-40 2010-2022; (1,045 WWII; 1,227 KOREA; & 1,505 VIETNAM)


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After getting the etching of his best friend’s name off The Wall (same name as his) 


He Found his brother’s headstone in Arlington




St. Mary’s 6th graders from Marathon surprising our veterans at FDR’s Memorial



Welcome Home!!











Younger generation welcoming an older generation home


Mike and Jim had a vision in 2009…..


Thank You Cards, Letters & Emails

Dallas Brinkmann

Jeff Klinger

Bernie Patterson

Leah Pigatti

Robert Monk

Dewey Sebold

Jerome Krofta

Michael Rolling

Wayne Tracy

Dale Peterson

Wisconsin Public Service Foundation

Claire and Steve Doster

The Thomas Andres Family

Daryl Meyer

Marathon County Clerk of Courts

Gary Brumbaugh

Diane Persson

Wilderness Sportsman Club Wisconsin Rapids

Dennis Karow

Honoring Vietnam Era Veteran Allan Selvig Mission #31 April 23, 2018

Honoring WWII veteran Edwin Stankowski Mission #7 April 23, 2012

Honoring Tom Pesanka

Honoring Korea Veteran Joe Guse Mission #12 May 13, 2013

Myles, Levi, Clara and Vivian

Dennis and Don Budleski

Joni Peterson, daughter of Eugene P Moran who’s story was featured in 2022 book TAILSPIN

Doug, Ken and Mavis Bloom

Steger Family reunion

Nancy K Seavers

Honoring Korea veteran John J Taskray, Mission #19 April 27, 2015

Honoring Vietnam Era veterans Ronald Knapp, Arnold Lang and Donald Marquis

Honoring WWII veteran Albert C Rowe, Mission #3 April 18, 2011

Honoring WWII veteran John McMurray, Mission #6 October 17, 2011

Ron Burnett