Flight #4 – May 2, 2011

97 WWII Veterans


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Newspaper Articles:

Thank you notes from:

Felix Batwinski
Susan Blanchard
Ken Breu
Bob Burge
William Callow
Adolph Dums
Roger Eisenman
Orville Evanson
Robert Fehrenbach
William Goodness
Don Jordan
MayLou Kollrass
Rosemary Krebs
Carol & Berg Koppel
Susan Kuzmik
Donald Leitzke
Elroy Lemke
Kenneth Mundt
Laverne Neve
Floyd Pagel
Mathew Porten
Harold Rekow
Easley Schultz
Charles Shutter
Charles Shutter
Tom Sprague
John Smrecek
Russell Stahnke
Robert Strack
Judy & Rebecca Van Zuiden (family of Ralph Schmidt)
Gordy Vytlacil
Gene Wiley

Marilyn and Arden Hoffmann