October 14, 2016 A Honor Like no Other  Brian Jopek, Lakeland Times

October 10, 2016 Honor Flight Debrief: Insight from Mission 26 Emily Davies WSAW TV7

October 10, 2016 the sole WWII veteran on Mission #26 celebrates his 90th birthday Emily Davies WSAW TV7

September 21, 2016 World War II veteran reflects on time at Iwo Jima after traveling on Honor Flight

September 20, 2016 Local Northwoods veteran gets a surprise of a lifetime Mary O’Connell WJFW TV12

August 23, 2016 Golf outing raises thousands to send local vets on an Honor Flight WAOW TV9

August 23, 2016 “Local Bar raises thousands for the Honor Flight” WSAW TV7

August 14, 2016 Joe Dean, Founder of Stars & Stripes Honor Flight receives Wisconsin’s Patriot of the year Award

July 1, 2016 “Mr. Obermann goes to town” Brian Jopek, The Lakeland Times

June 17, 2016 ‘I owe it all to the Air Force’ Brian Jopek, The Lakeland Times

May 30, 2016 “John Kuhl leads documentary on veterans” Nathan Phelps USA Today Network, Wisconsin

May 30, 2016 “It’s my duty (to go on the Honor Flight) for those that didn’t make it” Nathan Phelps USA Today Network, Wisconsin

May 20, 2016 Closure after more than 4 decades Molly Koweek TV9

May 19, 2016 A Welcome Home completely different than 40-50 years ago Molly Koweek TV9

May 17, 2016 A Different reception for Vets Nathan Phelps USA Today Network Wisconsin

May 18, 2016 Remembering fallen comrades, at the Wall Molly Koweek TV9

May 17, 2016 Veterans from are visit Washington DC memorials Molly Koweek TV9

May 16, 2016 NC WI veterans are in Washington DC for the NFHF’s 24th Flight Molly Koweek TV9

April 18, 2016 Three Brothers on Mission #23 share a Trip of a lifetime together  Holly Chilsen TV7

April 18, 2016 The oldest vet (96) on Mission #23 shares trip with his son  Holly Chilsen TV7

April 18, 2016 WWII couple take Honor Flight together Holly Chilsen TV7

April 18, 2016 Foto News-Merrill multiple stories, Jeremy Ratliff

Mar 21, 2016 Bock fest rasing money for the Honor Flight TV7

Oct 19, 2015 Honor Flight surpasses their 2000th Veteran on the 22nd Mission!! Adam Fox TV12

Oct 15, 2015 “92-year-old sees memorials, believes other WWII vets shouldn’t pass up Never Forgotten Honor Flight” Adam Fox TV 12

Oct 14, 2015 Never Forgotten Honor Flight provides new, comforting feelings for Vietnam vets at their memorial. Adam Fox WJFW TV-12

Oct 12, 2015 Veterans get a heroes welcome after returning from NFHF’s 22nd Mission – WSAW TV-7

Sept 29, 2015 Honor Flight takes area Veterans to Washington DC – WAOW TV9 Max Gorden

Sept 28, 2015 Two Veterans sponsored by Water Walkers Ski Show & Lemonade Stand – WSAW TV-7

June 7, 2015 Veterans, guardians & volunteers brought together for reunion – WSAW TV-7

June 7, 2015 Dave Junion’s Video shown at the NFHF five year renunion today

May 15, 2015 20th Never Forgotten Honor Flight takes off from Mosinee – Brian Jopek Lakeland Times

May 2015 Coverage of Mission#20 on May 11, 2015 – Sean Cadwell WSAW TV7

April 27, 2015 Two Words: Lauren Stephenson WJFW TV 12

April 23, 2015 Five Years of Honor – Wausau Daily Herald

April 22, 2015 Single Act of Generosity funds 5th Anniversery Flight – WSAW TV7

Oct 27, 2014 Phillip Love’s Editorial – Wausau Daily Herald

Oct 9, 2014 Never Forgotten – Medford Star News Brian Wilson

Oct 7, 2014 Remembering the Forgotten War – TV9 Rebecca Ribley

Oct 6, 2014 Updates for the Never Forgotten Honor Flight – Medford Star News Brian Wilson

Oct 6, 2014 Nearly 100 Veterans travel to Washington D.C – TV 9 Molly Koweek.

Sept 10, 2014 A Salute to our Veterans -Wausau Daily Herald

Sept 10, 2014 Only Woman to fly on Mission #17– TV 7 Hannah Andersen

Sept 10, 2014 Mission #17 Bernices’ Story (94 Year old WWII veteran) – TV 7 Hannah Andersen

Sept 3, 2014 Most WWII Vets in 2 Years Expected On Sept. 8 Honor Flight – TV7 Hannah Andersen

September 9, 2014 Honor Flight Experience Easily Cheapened With Words – Stevens Point City Times

August 24, 2014 Riding to Remember—Wausau Daily Herald

July 29, 2014 Ralph Ruplinger, 94 YO Battle of the Bulge Survivor tells his story! –Tomahawk Leader (Page 1) (Page 2)

May 23, 2014 Culver’s 2014 Fundraiser is a success

May 26, 2014 Going on his trip of a lifetime to remember his brother

May 25, 2014 Harold Else: ‘Every veteran who has the chance should go’-Lakeland Times

May 19, 2014 Raoul Drapeau’s Tribute to Mission #16

April 14, 2014 A Korean War Veteran remembers – TV9

April 14, 2014 At CWA airport to welcome home Flight #15-WSAW TV7

April 14, 2014 Time if of the Essence for Honor Flight-Wausau Daily Herald

April 14, 2014 Never Forgotten Honor Flight’s 15 Mission-WAOW TV9

April 10, 2014 85 Area Veterans Flying Free to Washington D.C. on Monday, April 14

February 14, 2014 Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Honor Flight Public Service Announcement

January 2014 Spring Valley 5th Grade thank you letters for Honor Flight Movie

News Releases 10/17/2013 Waid Funeral Home Surprises Merrill Veteran Don Radloff  (TV9)

10/17/2013 Waid Funeral Home Surprises Merrill Veteran Don Radloff  (TV7)

10/15/2013 All six Wisconsin Honor Flight hubs were recognized at the State Capitol today!

2013 Assembly Resolution 18 Commending the Honor Flight Network and its Volunteers. The resolution closes:

Resolved by the assembly, That the Wisconsin assembly honors and expresses in gratitude to the Honor Flight Network and to its volunteers for their countless hours, passionate service, and unwavering commitment to salute our war heroes with one more tour of honor. Thank you to all of the dedicated volunteers from Never Forgotten (Wausau area), Old Glory (Appleton area), Badger (Madison area), Freedom (La Crosse area), Northland (Northwestern WI area), and Stars and Stripes Honor Flight (Milwaukee area)! (picture of Resolution 18) (VIDEO)

91 Area Veterans Flying Free to Washington D.C. on Monday, September 9

10/4/2013 Dozer and Ivan from the North Chapter of Trogs Wisconsin, MC presenting Never Forgotten Honor Flight a check

10/3/2013 NFHF’s 14th Mission on October 21st is going as planned regardless of the Government shutdown! (TV-7)

9/13/2013 Lyndsey Stemm (TV-12) takes a look at how this massive project got started, and the people who make it happen

9/12/2013  Today we hear from a group who never met before the trip. But the experience gave them a bond that will last (TV-12)

9/11/2013 Meet Andy, one of three TLC Viet Nam Era veterans on Mission #13, 9/9/2013 (TV12)

6/2013 Wisconsin Medical Journal: Physicians Honor Veterans as Medics on Flights to DC Memorials

5/15/2013  Honor Flight was a great experience, John Gargulak (Rice Lake On-line)

5/13/2013 Mission #12 in a nutshell (TV 7)

5/13/2013 Remembering the Fallen (TV7)

5/13/2013 Four Life-long Friends Share Memories (Mission #12) (TV7)

5-12-13 Brothers-who-joined-Marines-during-Korean-War-set-go-Honor-Flight-video-?nclick_check=1 Brothers (Wausau Daily Herald)

5-7-13 BSA Troop 548 of Tomahawk Surprises Veteran (TV12)

4-28-13 Four Dobbe brothers travel to Washington DC on Mission #11 (TV9)

4-27-13 Drs. Nietert & Gossett win Wisconsin’s 2013 Physicans Citizenship of the year award! (click for article 2013 Physician Citizen of the Year Awards)

4-24-13 Donna Loomis,Rib Mountain IGA presents $1300 from Brat/Curd fry held at their store on April 19th & 20th (click for picture)

4-23-13 Mission #11 returns to CWA with 98 Veterans that served in WWII,   Korea and Viet Nam

4-22-13 Culvers Restaraunt’s press release for May 21st fund raiser

3-11-13 First of two showings held for World War II Honor Flight saga, Antigo Daily Journal

1-10-13 On Honor – An essay by Ryan Eisenman

1-10-13 On War – An essay by Ryan Eisenman

1-10-13 On Memory – An essay by Ryan Eisenman

10-24-12 Veterans Travel on Honor Flight

10-04-12 Mosinee Times Reporter Accompanies Veterans on Ninth Never Forgotten Honor Flight to Washington D.C.

07-23-12 Tomahawk float in the July 4th parade

07-07-12 The Honor Flight Network recently received the Distinguished Service Award

07-05-12 Tomahawk Parade, 15 WWII & Korean Veterans were the Grand Marshall’s!!

05-03-12 99 More Area Veterans Will See Washington D.C. Memorials Monday, May 7 

02-16-12 Former CBS TV Stars to Appear at Fundraising Event for Never Forgotten Honor Flight

Russ Gowey, of WKEB 99.3, Medford, interviews Never Forgotten Honor Flight Co-Founder Jim Campbell on the History & Future of the Never Forgotten Honor Flight Listen to Part 1   Listen to Part 2

09-15-2011 Distributor Teams up with area Taverns and Liquor Outlets to raise $5000 for Never Forgotten Honor Flight.

09-15-2011 90 More Area Veterans Will See WWII Memorial Monday, September 19  

08-24-2011 200 More Veterans Will See WWII Memorial on Two Fall Honor Flights

04/15/2011 Massive Volunteer Effort Underway for Third and Fourth Honor Flights 

04/15/2011 How a Never Forgotten Honor Flight Happens  

03-24-2011 Veterans to Be Honored and Entertained by Mosinee Choir Students at the Grand Theater

02/07/2011 Super Bowl party raises money for Honor Flights

12/26/2010 Honor Flight organizers make thanking WWII vets their mission

10/28/2010 Sixth Street Filling Station to Provide Free Lunch

09/29/2010 Second Honor Flight Departs Monday, October 4  

07/30/2010 Last Chance to Register for “Bike for Honor Flight.”

06/30/2010 Woody Woodchuck Will Salute Area Veterans July 5

Jake – wearing Grandpa Furrers hat (and his friends Irish and Nickel McSherry) made the “Best Photos of 2010”. We were so proud to welcome home our vets from the Honor Flight – Irish and Nickel made sure Jake (and Kayla on the far left) could be in the front row to welcome our soldiers) a wonderful memory!!!!