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Flight #31 – April 23, 2018

Mission #31 was totally funded by the Hodag Country Festival 2017!

88 Veterans (5 WWII, 33 Korea & 50 Vietnam era) Roster is below

TOTAL VETERANS FLOWN ON FLIGHTS I-XXXI(2010-2018) 2,835 (1,027 WWII, 1,141 KOREA, & 667 VIETNAM)


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Short Hodag Country Festival 2017 Videos:  Video #1   Video #2   Video #3


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Dawn Eckert, Dixie Nieuwenhuis & Gerri Van Harpen (Hodag Country Festival owners) each receiving a Boeing 737 with their “name” on it (as we promised!) from NFHF’s Co-Founder & President Mike Thompson



Waiting to give Grandpa a Hug




The night before the flight this Vietnam veteran wrote a letter to his buddy (name is on the Wall) & then read it to him with his guardian/Medic holding him (the medic, Dr. Nelson’s letter is below)



Flags of our Heroes Ceremony for a cousin, Wayne Krueger; a brother, John Lang & a wife’s grandfather, Orville Earl Heide


Vietnam EraAndersonDonaldCameronNavy
KoreaAndersonWilliamStevens PointArmy
KoreaAshbyDonGleasonAir Force
Vietnam EraBeckerArthurAthensNavy
Vietnam EraBellRonaldHewittNavy
KoreaBellingerDavidPloverAir Force
WW IIBennettsCarlWoodruffArmy
KoreaBennettsJohnAntigoAir Force
Vietnam EraBerryRonaldMarshfieldArmy
Vietnam EraBodaDavidLake TomahawkArmy
Vietnam EraBoganPatrickWausauMarines
KoreaBogdanskyAlvinWisconsin RapidsArmy
Vietnam EraBotwinskiTimothyMosineeNavy
Vietnam EraBuckRaymondMerrillAir Force
Vietnam EraBuehlerDrewWausauAir Force
KoreaBullis Sr.DanielCameronMarines
Vietnam EraBurrGordonHewittArmy
Vietnam EraDahmDavidMosineeNavy
Vietnam EraDemerathThomasAntigoNavy
KoreaDumsRichardMedfordAir Force
Vietnam EraDyeDonaldPittsvilleArmy
WW IIFavilleJohnWestonArmy
Vietnam EraFustJohnWausauArmy
Vietnam EraHannisMichaelPittsvilleNavy
Vietnam EraHeikkinenPeterPrenticeAir Force
KoreaJohnson Jr.ClarenceWausauArmy
Vietnam EraKleinschmidtDaleMerrillArmy
KoreaKnowltonRobertStevens PointArmy
Vietnam EraKochGaryWausauMarine
Vietnam EraKochRuthWausauArmy
Vietnam EraKringleCarlRice LakeArmy
Vietnam EraKruegerLyleWausauAir Force
Vietnam EraLambertRobertMilwaukeeNavy
WW IILamkenEddieStevens PointArmy
Vietnam EraLangJamesMarshfieldArmy
Vietnam EraLangJeraldMarshfieldArmy
Vietnam EraLangJeromeSpencerArmy
Vietnam EraLarsonLouisMarshfieldArmy
KoreaLarsonRobertMedfordAir Force
Vietnam EraLemonsKennethWausauArmy
Vietnam EraLentz Sr.MichaelMerrillAir Force
WW IILiskeMarvinMedfordArmy
Vietnam EraMeidlDonaldAntigoMarines
Vietnam EraMorrisonJamesWausauMarines
KoreaNessGlennLittle SuamicoNavy
Vietnam EraNielsenDavidGreenwoodArmy
Vietnam EraNordstrumMichaelPloverArmy
Vietnam EraPepkeArlenMedfordArmy
Vietnam EraPeroutkaJohnWausauNavy
Vietnam EraPochinskiClarenceHatleyArmy
Vietnam EraPriebeTerryMinocquaMarines
Vietnam EraPuarieaGarryRothschildArmy
KoreaReissmannDonaldWausauAir Force
KoreaRodmanKirkNeillsvilleAir Force
Vietnam EraRuebCharlesPloverArmy
Vietnam EraRuetherKennethBrooksvilleArmy
Vietnam EraSchaeferJohnMedfordArmy
WW IISchirmerHerbertRib LakeMarines
KoreaSchmeiserRobertMedfordAir Force
Vietnam EraSelvigAllanWitheeNavy
KoreaSimpsonEdwinPhillipsAir Force
Vietnam EraSinnJosephMarshfieldNavy
Vietnam EraSkervenRobertNekoosaAir Force
Vietnam EraSonnentagJamesBrokawMarines
Vietnam EraTruhlarMichaelAlamoAir Force
Vietnam EraTrzebiatowskiRonaldRosholtArmy
Vietnam EraUherJeromeStevens PointArmy
KoreaWanserskiRobertStevens PointMarines
KoreaWarnerDouglasPloverCoast Guard
Vietnam EraWierzba SrMyronHatleyArmy
Vietnam EraWildmanRonaldAniwaMarines
Vietnam EraWorkingerRobertSt. GermaineNavy

Thank you letters/notes/emails:

 Tom Berry

Tim Kriz

Dave Lamken

Brian Nelson MD

Bob Lambert

Ken Lemons & Elaine Klachzien

Carl Kringle

PJ Jacobs Junior High Student Council, Stevens Point

Doug Despins’ Family Honoring Doug Despins Flight #21 September 28, 2015

Ronald Larson

Jerald Lang

Arlen Pepke

Donald Anderson

Paula Raymond Honoring Doug Despins Flight #21 September 28, 2015

Marlin Block Honoring Harry Krumrie, Sr Flight #1 April 27, 2010

Marshfield Clinic Health System Honoring employee, Betty Boulieu

Tom & Sandy Honoring Will Jerue Flight #16 May 19, 2014

Harold Dubinski & Patti Thorn Honoring Will Jerue Flight #16 May 19, 2014

American Legion Post #358, Colby

Florence and Jerry Ziegel Honoring Stanley Mijal Flight #6 Oct 17, 2011

Larry and Karen Erman Honoring Harry Krumrie, Sr Flight #1 April 27, 2010

Michael and Dawn Hull Honoring Roy Syring Flight #16, May 16, 2016

Fred and Lynn Lintereur Honoring John Jesse Flight #7 April 23, 2012

Greenheck Fan Group Employees

Amy Boudreau and Jane McKellep Honoring Lloyd Burgoyne Fight #17 Sept 18, 2014

The Stan Mijal Family Honoring Stanley Mijal Flight #6 Oct 17, 2011

Rick Stevens Honoring Roy Syring Flight #16, May 16, 2016

Dorothy Sparby Honoring Roy Syring, Flight #16, May 16, 2016

The Kelly Family Honoring Will Jerue Flight #16 May 19, 2014

Lloyd Jacobson

Alan Lewis, White Bus Tour Guide

Jim Sonnentag

Janice Matis Honoring Roy Syring Flight #16, May 16, 2016

Donald Beese Honoring Doug Despins Flight #21 September 28, 2015

Richard Skroski, Flight #23, Honoring Thaddeus Zajac KIA Vietnam

St. Therese of Lisieux’s 7th & 8th Grade Classes

David Boda

Gary & Ruth Koch

Dale & Janet Kleinschmidt

Terry & Alanna Priebe

Ascension At Home, Marshfield

Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative, CEO

Robert Larson and Debra Hutchinson

Robert Berglund

Joe Sinn

Michael Truhlar

Robert and Frances Davis honoring Roy Cook

Barbara and Carl Bennetts

Ruth A Nelson-Lau

Kirk Rodman

Michelle Ellefson